IBP Approved Apparel List
IBP approved supportive equipment:
INZER:  "Z-Suit"
"Champion Suit" 
"Hard Core Suit" 
"MAX DL" Deadlift suit 
"Iron Wraps A and Z"
"Blast Shirt" 
"Heavy Duty Blast Shirt (HD)" 
"High Performance Heavy Duty Blast Shirt (HPHD)" 
"Extra High Performance Heavy Duty Blast Shirt (EHPHD)"
"Heavy Duty Inzer erector shirt"
"Phenom shirt"
"The Wrath bench shirt"
"The Rage bench shirt"
"Rage-X bench shirt"
TITAN: "Squat Suits 
"Centurion Suits" 
"Red Devil" wraps 
"Signature Gold" wraps
"Titanium" Wraps
"Deadlift Suit"
"Titan Fury Shirts"
"Knee Wraps T.H.P."
"Wirst Wraps T.H.P."
"F6 Tornado Shirt"
"Fury NXG Plus SHP Bench Shirt"
METAL: "Metal Squatter"
"Metal Viking Squatter"
"Metal Squatter v-type"  
"Metal Viking Squatter v-type" 
"Metal Bencher"  
"Metal Viking Bencher"
"Metal Viking Bencher X Type"
"Metal Deadlifter"
"Metal Viking Deadlifter"
"Metal Blackline Wraps"
"Metal Black Wraps"
"Metal Triple Blackline Wraps"
CRAIN:  "Power Bench Press Shirt"
"Mega Power Bench Press Shirt"
"Power Suit"
"Genesis Power Suit"
"Genesis Deadlift Suit"
"Redline Power Wrap"
"Redline Power Wrist Wrap"
"Genesis Power Wrap"
"Genesis Power Wrist Wrap"
PRO WRIST STRAPS: "APT's Pro Wrist Straps"
"ZRV - Pro Wraps Wrist and Knees"